Saturday, September 13, 2008


The two biggest worries I have about writing a blog are first: that someone might read it and second: that no one will. After all there are billions of thoughts out there and with the pervasiveness of the Internet chances are that at least one other person has had the same idea and written it down for the billions of other people to read. There really is nothing new, I could probably abbreviate every sentence I write and people would have enough of the same shared experiences to understand what I was saying. "Sex with flaming goats" is one example, "no soup for you" is another and I could probably continue on this vein for a multitude of infinities. So, why write a blog? Because someone might read it and at the same time, no one will.

The "sex with flaming goats" is from an interview with Jason Alexander a few years ago. He was talking about weirdos on the Internet and how you could find someone or a group of someones somewhere that would like the same things you did. So if you are a freak that likes to have sex with goats that have been lit on fire, chances are you could find a group of like minded individuals on line that like the same thing. Personally I am not that kind of a freak.


So I now have a blog. I did not really want a blog but in order to comminicate with various and sundry people it seems that I must have one. Personally I think computers by and large make life more difficult. It used to be that all you really needed was a place to sleep, food to eat and a bit of human interaction now and again. Now you need all of the above plus e-mail, and web access and a cell phone glued to your head if you do not already have one of those stupid borg devices stuck in your ear, and tivo and all sorts of other stuff that is supposed to make life easier but in fact complicates it to the complete detriment of society.