Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Being Mortal

Any one who reads this and most if not all of the people that dont. Are going to Die. Yep, we are all mortal. From the dirt we came and to the dirt we shall go.

When we are young we rush toward this event, always longing for the next Birthday, the coming milestone. We cant wait to be 12, 18, 21. Time goes so slowly. I remember very distincly a one hour math class that lasted 16 days.

Then we get older, and time speeds up. The days fly by to fast to count, the months sail away like ships being pushed by a stiff wind. The years wake as if from slumber and began to stretch, preparing it seems, for a sprint to the finish.

This last year lasted two weeks. It went so very fast. I only have 364 days until my next birthday and I am already feeling the time begining to speed up. My kids grow right before my eyes. My friends and family get older, I get older. I would like it to stop.

So, just for the record, to have it out there in the open. I am done. No more aging.
Time can go as fast as it wants, it shall pass me by. Any of you that want to join me in this endeavour. Feel free.