Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The unbearable oddness of me, offending part2

The other way I offend people is by being funny. You see, I am not funny. I think that I am and I tell a lot of jokes but I have been informed over and over by those who both love and hate me (With me it is either one or the other) that I am not funny. I am just mean. Now, I do not mean to be mean, in my mind when I say something funny there will be big smiles and laughter all around but what actually happens is that everyone gets really quiet and the tender hearted ones weep. For example, I was recently at a dinner celebrating the end of filming with an entire cast and crew, everyone was sitting around talking and laughing and telling humorous anecdotes. I love to be the center of attention so I told the one about when I ran over a guy in a golf cart. Even just typing that makes me smile, so as I finished the story I emitted a ringing guffaw expecting that the table would be joining in. Dead Silence. After I finished laughing and wiping the tears from my eyes one of the little actress girls said to me in a very small voice “Did you really do that” I was shocked, not one of them was even smiling, or eating or doing anything but stare at me in a horrified manner. So I said “Yeah, funniest damn thing I ever saw” and laughed by myself for a while more. People in California have no sense of humor.

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