Thursday, January 27, 2011


Its all about the first few words. Grab the reader with that and chances are they will finnish reading what you have written. Even if the rest is munge they will plow through with the hope that the feeling captured in those first few words will repeat.
I read a lot. I mean I READ A LOT. One book a night if I average it out. That's a lot. When I was but a callow youth I made a goal that I would never start a book and not finnish it.
Because of that, and my extreme stubbornness I have read some really horrible books over the years. Some of them were just dumb, some were offensive, a couple were pure and unadulterated crap. The kind of thing that sullies your brain (at least mine) forever.
I have also been rewarded from time to time, by a book that starts out bad, but ends well.
I have learned to Judge books by the covers and publishers, not always a good thing but pretty accurate over time.
I wonder if life is like that?
If it starts out good will it hold enough to interest you to the end?
When does it start?
Do you all of a sudden one day look into a mirror, focus on you, the you that is looking back from the magical depths of the mirror, focus on everything that you are, everything that has formed and shaped and moulded you. Focus on everything your mind can encompass, and say "Once upon a time......."
Start from there.
Works For me.

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