Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What To Wear?

What to wear everyday? Every morning I wake up and wonder what shall cover my nakedness for the next several hours. When I was younger it was very easy, whatever was clean got put on, or, if I was late, whatever was on the floor closest to the bed. As an adult (in age only) I have found that there are certain expectations from other adults and the public in general on what I should wear.
I ignore all of them.
I wear canvas pants. You know, work pants. The kind that have rivets and can stand up to just about anything. I used to wear jeans but my lifestyle destroys them. When you are the perennial fall guy and Gods very own comedy sketch jeans just don't cut it.
See, once I had to crawl into an upside car through broken glass because the splendid law enforcement individual was a little too large to fit through the opening. In her defense, she had a bullet proof vest on and the car was partially squished, but still. Anyways, I had my canvas work pants on, double fronted carhartts with the rivets. My arms and back and stomach were covered with glass splinters, took the wife two hours to find them all. Not one splinter in my legs. However tough they used to be, modern Jeans wouldn't have made it.
I like jackets. I have two suit jackets that I wear from time to time when its not too cold. One of them is wool and the other is camel. Ever since I got them I have had a burning desire to know how, exactly, do you shear a camel? I have some jackets that are lightweight and some coats for when its cold and leather for when I ride my motorcycle. Its pretty simple.
I wear steel toed work boots. And grown up shoes.
I have this crazy idea that once you are out of high school the only time you should wear athletic shoes is when you are actually participating that moment in said athletics. Basketball shoes while playing basketball, indoor soccer shoes while playing indoor soccer, running shoes while running. Special dispensation is given to skaters and Rappers, Skaters because they could conceivably jump on a board and grind a rail at any moment, and Rappers because absolutely anything else looks ridiculous with those baggy pants.
Grown up shoes, look good. When you wear grown up shoes it tells the world that you are
A: A grown up
B: A gainfully employed individual
C: Actually thinking about what you are wearing
D: Not a rapper
Steel toed boots have a special place in my heart, because they saved my toes. Several times, and having broken and smashed my toes before I have a great appreciation for whole, healthy toes. Also, when you kick someone wearing kid shoes it hurts you as much as it hurts them, but with steel toes, all the pain is given to the recipient of the kick. Trust me, this is a good thing.
I wear plain T-shirts. No logos. I am not a prostitute for any brand. I see people walking around as living billboards for things; and I truly wonder if they understand that they paid money to give free advertising to (put your logo here).
I also wear race t-shirts. You know, the t-shirt that you get when you finish the race, which is actually the only rule for those shirts. You must FINNISH the race before you put on the t-shirt. After the day of the race anyone can wear it.
They make great night shirts for the chilluns.

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