Thursday, February 17, 2011

and it snows

My motorcycle is mad at me.
I promised we could ride to work today.
and it snowed.
I had even gotten my leathers out.
Gloves, glove liners, full face helmet, long johns, wool fuzzy socks, those little heat sticky things, neck warmer (a manly scarf) and Boots.
All set out and dusted off and ready to go.
and it snowed.
I love my motorcycle.
Because it kicks ass, because it makes me look like I kick ass, (I DO, as a matter of fact KICK ASS)
Because it is freedom on two wheels.
But it snowed.
So motorcycle stayed in the warm Garage and glared at me with its one eye all day. At least it did until I reminded it of this story.....
I was on a ride with my cousins. The cool cousins (all but one of my cousins is cool) and we were headed up to the spring chicken inn in Coalville,
Coalville canyon is a joy on a fast motorcycle. Long and winding and just perfect. I had called everyone for the ride and by default that made me nominally in charge.
Which meant that even though all of my cousins ride better and are cooler than I, they were following me.
I am directionally challenged.
I have a short attention span.
I am not very smart.
Riding was (is) a wonderful thing. I love it.
Love my motorcycle.
I got into a zone about half way through the canyon and just lrt the bike go.
I think thats what true zen is.
In the moment, flowing, smooth and relaxed.
I lost track of everything but me.
Man was I in the moment.
Until my cousin Marcus (who looks EXACTLY like Mel Gibson) pulled up along side of me and punched me in the ribs.
I looked up and saw him yell "UNPRINTABLE F BOMB!!!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING!"
not wanting to appear impolite I pulled over.
Looked around for the cousins and realized it was just me and Marcus.
To my questioning gaze but no vocals he replied.
"WHAT is your deal? The spring chicken was over 45 minutes ago, we are in WYOMING!"
They still bring that up.
Motorcycle still laughs about it.
The story cheered me and motorcycle right up.
Cant wait to ride.
It will probably,
snow again.

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Anonymous said...

Eeek. It was 75 degrees today in North Carolina. The sun and the warm weather like to poke me with a stick and make me feel guilty for not doing any fabulous outdoorsy things. I don't have a motorcycle, though. I don't think they make them small enough for me to reach the pedals, unless they're battery-powered.