Monday, February 14, 2011

part 2 is coming

Its just so hard.
Because while part two does have funny parts, its really more of a tragical kind of story.
And the harder I try to make it sound funny the more twisted it makes me seem.
I have written it five ways and twenty times and when I go back and read it all I can think is that I am one seriously disturbed individual that should probably be on medication.
That and I am really not sure what the statue of limitations is for this.......
its coming though. I promise


Nikki Rules said...

well now I'll just have to scroll down and read part 1. because i'm nosy like that. and you've got my curiosity by the nut sack )ok so i don't have a nut sack, but i do have a can of cashews)

ツ my cyber house rules

Nikki Rules said...

duh! THIS is part 1? haha, look at the egg on my face!